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Size Charts

Here's a quick and handy guide to see which Purseket Purse Organizer will fit your purse or handbag best. Go grab a tape measure and follow these steps to make sure your organizer is a keeper...

How to measure your purse or handbag for a Purseket purse organizer to make sure its a keeper

1. Measure the INSIDE height of your bag at the lowest point -- make sure if it's a saddle type handbag you're measuring in the right place (from the floor of the bag to the underside of the zipper/closer).

2. Next, find the circumference of the handbag or purse. Simply wrap your tape measure around the outside of your handbag and keep note of the size.

3. If you measured around the outside of the purse you will have the external dimensions of your handbag. To be safe, subtract an inch or so from the circumference for the thickness of the walls of your purse. This should give you an approximation for the inside circumference of your bag.

4. Compare the sizes you worked out with the chart below: You need


Purse Circumference

Min. Purse Depth
7.5 inches
Min. Purse Depth
8 inches
8-20 inches You need a: D You need a: D
20-26 inches You need a: D You need a: D or S
26-36 inches You need a: D You need a: D, S or M
36+ inches You need a: D You need a: D, S, M or L

Key: D = Junior Drop-In, S = Small, M = Medium, L = Large

TIP: You can always put a larger Purseket in a smaller bag if you don't mind some overlap!

5. Buy your Purseket Purse Organizer and become instantly more organized! It'll be a real keeper!

Thank you for shopping!


NOTE: This is an approximate guide only. All purses and handbags are not made equally. - Home of the ORIGINAL Purse Organizer


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