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Large Purse Organizers

Purseket Purse Organizers are the original purse and handbag organizer, perfect to transform your purse from 'cluttered mess to organized success'.

+ Reduce handbag and purse clutter
+ Find what you need quickly
+ Save time and frustration
+ Transfer bags easily
+ Reduce wear on your purse interior
+ Give structure to 'slouchy' bags
+ Closeable privacy pocket
+ Unique keypost to keep keys at hand

Organize any bag in seconds! The Purseket Purse Organizer is available in 4 sizes and many patterns to match any purse, handbag or tote.

Transfer bag contents easily and find that cell phone quickly!

The large Purseket® Purse Organizer measures 8" high from the top of the key post x 36" long and wraps around to line your purse with 8 gusseted pockets.

TIP: Don't know which Purseket will fit? CLICK HERE for size chart!

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Sorry, we're currently out of stock.


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Author: sherry Morales eason
Posted: 12/17/2013, 01:27 PM


got it today.. total difference in my purse.. OMG i know exactly where every thing is now.. woohoo.. wish it had gotten here b4 vegas trip.. buti will have it next trip.. thank u purseket..

PURSEKET: So glad you order from the Original Purseket and that you loved it. It really does make such a difference in your purseket - just perfect. Thank you from Purseket and have a wonderful Holiday
Author: Helen
Posted: 08/02/2013, 11:36 AM


It's August! Is the big one back in stock?

Author: Phyllis Zimmerman
Posted: 06/05/2013, 08:00 PM


when do you expect to have more large pursekets in stock?

PURSEKET: The shipment should arrive by August. Thanks for asking. We are looking forward to having the larges back in stock.
Author: Helen Mills
Posted: 05/10/2013, 09:15 AM


What is the largest insert that I can get from you? I have a market tote that I'd like to use with some organization. Thanks.

Purseket: Our large would be best. We are out of stock in them but they will be here by August. Hopefully you could wait until them. Otherwise, I would purchase 2 mediums and that would work. You can overlap the ends giving you more pockets. Remember the big items go into the middle of your purse.
Author: Pat Meadows
Posted: 04/17/2013, 01:24 PM


I need a large purse organizer - are you completely out of them?
Author: kkvzing
Posted: 03/04/2013, 12:31 PM


Exceuse me, when will the large purse organizers be in stock again?
PURSEKET- We will only be carrying the Mediums and the Drop Ins. in the future.
Author: Patricia Meade
Posted: 02/28/2013, 02:52 PM



Purseket: Thank you very much
Author: Lana
Posted: 08/11/2012, 11:56 PM


I have a LV Trevi PM. Should I get the large organizer?
Author: Margaret
Posted: 05/23/2012, 12:41 AM


I have a "Longchamp Le Pliage Large Shoulder Tote ( 12.25" W x11.75" Hx7.5" D, 9" Drop ) ". Which size should I choose? large or medium? Thanks.

PURSEKET: I think the large would be perfect.
Author: Mikki
Posted: 05/12/2012, 04:38 PM


I use the Large in my Speedy 30. It eliminates sagging, unless that's your thing :)

Purseket: Thank you very much.

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